Main Site : Sean’s main site featuring his photography, journals, print pricing information, and tonnes of useful links for fellow photographers.

The Neutral Hills : The Neutrals is Sean’s current art project he is working on. The focus of this site is not just photography, but story telling.

Flickr : Go to Sean’s Flickr page if you want to see ALL of his work with as little fuss and muss as possible. Over 3300 images and counting.

500px : This is the hot new photo community photographers are diving into. If I could get everything that’s on my wish list for a Flickr makeover, the truth is that it would be exactly like 500px.

Pinterest : Sean’s Pinterest boards where he pins his favourite photographic oddities, be they his own work or items that inspire him.

Facebook : Sean’s Facebook fan page. You need to go there and click the LIKE button now or he’ll send Guido around to break your thumbs. Seriously.

Ash McCormick site screen shot

Ashlyn McCormick : Ashlyn is Sean’s daughter, and she is doing a fine job of pushing her own pixels. Please visit her site and see for yourself.

Twitter : Ever wondered how many cow pies a rural photographer lip-skids through while trying to photograph a prairie sunset? Find out here.