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Sean McCormick

6351417406_b0acfd5f40_oSean’s first camera was a No. 2 Brownie given to him at age five by his grandmother. This was a mistake as the film and processing costs resulting from his new obsession nearly drove her into bankruptcy over the next two years. Forty-two years later, Sean still owns his first camera along with a large collection of antique film cameras and 35mm SLRs.

He pursued other interests during his teenage and early adult years becoming a chef, computer technician, technical author, and technical trainer along the way, but the interest in image-making remained. The advent of digital photography turned the interest back into an obsession, and Sean thinks of little else besides looking through a viewfinder these days (as his wife will tell you).

Sean specializes in portrait, fine art, and landscape photography, and can be found wandering the Special Areas of Alberta, Canada. He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography.

Digital Photography and Portrait Lighting, which Sean co-authored with Catherine Jamieson can be purchased from Amazon.

Ashlyn McCormick

6327460962_ebf6e1be69_oAshlyn, nearly fifteen, is Sean’s daughter. She has been following him on photo outings forever and has gone from being an annoyance who gets in the way of her father’s shots, to an extreme annoyance who occasionally comes home with better shots than Dad. Precocious punk. That being said, credit where it’s due, her work is good enough that it is now being showed off here for purposes of Dad bragging.

You can see more of Ashlyn’s photography and writing on her own Web site.