Alberta Rural Futures Education Symposium 2014


This gig happened by accident. My wife was presenting at the symposium on telepresence (video conference style) teaching that year and I was along with the intention of hiking snowy trails and getting some pictures in. The conference photographer put his back out and cancelled at last minute. Dr. Wes Neumeier, Superintendent of Schools for Prairie Land Regional Division No. 25, asked me, “did you bring a camera with you?” Actually, yes. All of them.

I wound up being the event photographer, which was a blast. I got to very briefly meet Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, then Alberta Minister of Education Jeff Johnson, and a whole host of interesting people. The symposium organizers were so happy with my work they booked on the spot for the 2015 symposium.

This was another low lighting type of event where the use of flash was impossible because of the distraction it would cause to the sessions, and also how it would have degraded the quality of those presentations that were being Webcast. I had to push my Canon camera bodies to the very edge of what they were capable of delivering.