Hanna Hawks : 2014-09-12


This was a challenging shoot (video and photos) in that Brooks can be, well, it can be a bit “ripe”. The wind was blowing from the right (wrong) direction and I was doing my best to keep a handle on my nausea. I finally turned to the student who was running a camera next to me for the Brooks team and asked, “can you smell that?

“What smell?” He asked. I guess his nose was burned out from living there.

20140912-181240-2F8A9994-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-161426-2F8A9829-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162444-2F8A9836-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162639-2F8A9849-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-163403-2F8A9877-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-165727-2F8A9913-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-175522-2F8A9955-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-180206-2F8A9977-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
20140912-153550-2F8A9820-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162333-2F8A9833-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162445-2F8A9839-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162812-2F8A9856-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-164737-2F8A9882-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-165816-2F8A9925-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-175523-2F8A9956-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-180700-2F8A9986-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
20140912-161305-2F8A9828-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162443-2F8A9835-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162607-2F8A9842-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-162813-2F8A9864-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-165642-2F8A9900-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-171938-2F8A9942-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140912-180205-2F8A9973-Canon EOS 5D Mark III