McGillion Grad Photos

Yertle the Turtle

I had the pleasure of doing a grad photo shoot for Miss Brenna McGillion, of Hanna. She is not only an excellent student, but she’s also a wonderful young lady and one of my own daughter’s best friends. Brenna is active in the school in various volunteer positions including the Yearbook Club. She has also been involved with Radio Hanna, the Ghost Walk at Hanna’s Museum, and she is a stalwart employee of the EPIC Adventures program that runs every summer. Upon graduation she is going to college to study occupational therapy. Being able to do her photographs was a real privilege as she has been a blessing to our family.

20160507-161205-2F8A7903-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Final copy20160507-171057-2F8A7977-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Luminizer20160507-155700-2F8A7843-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-172029-2F8A8023-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160513-095851-0V5A0023-Canon EOS 5DS20160507-172315-2F8A8042-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Brightened20160507-161830-2F8A7924-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Pop & Vignette20160507-171328-2F8A7991-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E02 - Vignette w B&W20160513-094939-0V5A0008-Canon EOS 5DS - E02 - Pastel20160513-100633-0V5A8116-Canon EOS 5DS - E01 - B&W Vignette20160513-102158-0V5A8150-Canon EOS 5DS - E02 - E41 with Light Leak20160507-154604-2F8A7778-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Sunlight
20160507-151325-2F8A7734-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-154628-2F8A7790-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-172224-2F8A8035-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160513-101410-0V5A8126-Canon EOS 5DS20160507-152943-2F8A7746-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - B&W20160513-101607-0V5A8135-Canon EOS 5DS20160507-154544-2F8A7775-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-134205-2F8A7612-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Got the Blues20160513-095313-0V5A0013-Canon EOS 5DS20160513-103746-0V5A8158-Canon EOS 5DS - E01 - Vignette Glow20160507-133849-2F8A7597-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - Retouch and Vignette
20160507-153853-2F8A7758-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - B&W (Bogart)20160507-162031-2F8A7933-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E01 - B&W20160513-101904-0V5A8139-Canon EOS 5DS - E01 - Fuji Neopan 10020160507-161638-2F8A7916-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-161607-2F8A7910-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-140256-2F8A7635-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - E03 - Retro Inset B&W20160507-161150-2F8A7899-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160507-172432-2F8A8056-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20160513-095650-0V5A0019-Canon EOS 5DS - E01 - Lomo20160513-100839-0V5A8121-Canon EOS 5DS20160513-102133-0V5A8145-Canon EOS 5DS - E02 - Lomo