McGregor / Kelts Shoot


A very cold, wet, challenging photo shoot with many trips back to vehicles and a small wooden shack with a wood stove to warm up hands and feet. All three families were real troopers and help up well given the weather conditions. Many thanks to the Mohr family for use of their farm as a photographic backdrop.

20141108-112235-2F8A5579-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-SMILE - Fixed Glasses More JPG20141108-115431-2F8A5972-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20141108-122608-2F8A6089-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20141108-130328-2F8A6354-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-2
20141108-112324-2F8A5593-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - Vignette Glow20141108-121033-2F8A6007-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20141108-123717-2F8A6176-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-1
20141108-112854-2F8A5642-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20141108-122044-2F8A6079-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20141108-124108-2F8A6196-Canon EOS 5D Mark III- Hollywood Glow Bright Vignette B&W