Misc Tourism & Scenic


Some miscellaneous tourism shots I’ve gathered over the years living in Edmonton and then travelling, usually to Banff, Canmore, and Jasper (my favourite haunts). Perhaps someday I’ll leave the country with a camera.

Man versus GodSpray Lakes, Canmore, August 2010 [3 of 4]Waterton Shoreline Cruise Co.Grassi Lakes: Reflection in the RipplesBenched again.Spray Lakes, Canmore, August 2010 [4 of 4]2013-03-04 Canmore AB: Trail Closed [2 of 2]Fire Weed East of Jasper, AlbertaDowntown Edmonton Viewed from Muttart Grounds [1 of 2]Radium: Niche playerCypress Hills 2007: The viewKiskatenaw Curved Wooden Bridge, Alaska Highway [1 of 3]Government House, Alberta, CanadaMuttart Conservatory in the Fall of 2004
Rear View of the Banff Museum and Historical Site at DuskGrassi Lakes: Seeing Bottom Through Reflected Trees Yet AgainKinnear Centre for Creativity and InnovationGrassi Lakes Seen Thru Tree BranchesSpray Lakes FallsMoored pleasure craft, Spray Lakes, Canmore, August 20102013-03-04 Canmore AB: Trail Closed [1 of 2]Jasper Lake is missingHawrelak Park Sunset, May 01, 2004 [1 of 2]Radium: Lines & shadowsDawson Creek Art Gallery [1 of 2]Muttart Pyramid ReflectedNight Shot of the Alberta Legislature2003-08-04 Tree, Leg Grounds in Infrared
Spray Lakes, Canmore, August 2010 [1 of 4]Kannaskis Country: Rundle Canal & Power Plant Seen from AboveGrassi Lakes: Some Local ColourGrassi Lakes Trail: Top of Spray Lakes Falls [1 of 2]Certifiably CrazyCruft in the fluff: Spray Lakes, Canmore, August 20102013-03-04: Melt, Spray Lakes, Canmore ABPond at Devonian GardensLake East of Grand Cache, Alberta, at SunriseCypress Hills 2007: Beautiful Hill Side [2 of 2]Kiskatenaw Curved Wooden Bridge, Alaska Highway [3 of 3]Old Bourbon Street Entrance at West Ed MallMuttart Conservatory Sunrise, Sep 25, 2004