Roesler Family Photos

The Roesler Family was kind enough to ask me to do their family photos last fall, and we had lovely weather for the shoot. The was almost no breeze. Unfortunately, as we were shooting in the Loverna, Saskatchewan area, no wind means lots of mosquitoes. And I do mean LOTS of mosquitoes. We had to call it quits half an hour early as everyone was getting tired of being eaten alive despite wearing at least 1.5 cans of bug spray each. Life on the prairies.

Roesler Family Portraits : The ViewReisler Family Portraits : On the Fence20140829-185022-2F8A0188-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - B&W20140829-192912-2F8A0232-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - B20140829-193824-2F8A0286-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Roesler Family Portraits : Still Got the Spark20140829-183228-2F8A0137-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140829-192120-2F8A0207-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140829-193334-2F8A0257-Canon EOS 5D Mark III-SMILE20140829-193909-2F8A0289-Canon EOS 5D Mark III
Roesler Family Portraits : Reflection20140829-183613-2F8A0163-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140829-192437-2F8A0219-Canon EOS 5D Mark III20140829-193645-2F8A0264-Canon EOS 5D Mark III - A